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Welcome to Kids Learning Boutique™

Teach Me T's - Providing stimulation and learning all day long.

It is our goal at Kids Learning Boutique to enhance the audio time spent teaching your toddler letters and numbers with this unique new visual learning tool. While you teach your toddler to sing the ABC’s, you can easily point to the letters and your child can repeat the action. It makes your time together more meaningful. Grandparents and caregivers will love it too.

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"Kids Learning Boutique T-shirts are wonderful. We bought Josh one a couple months ago and had to buy an extra. He hates to take it off. He gets so excited when we read to him and he can match the letters to the ones on his shirt. He even has started writing what he sees on his shirt and says the letters out load. Instead of learning just when we have time, Josh is learning all the time and it is fun."    -- Samantha Johnson, Littleton, Colorado.

"Mandy’s grandpa didn’t seem to have time to sit and visit with her. In reality, he just had a hard time thinking of what to say. She’s only two. Her new Kids Learning Boutique T-shirt has changed everything. They chatter and laugh now about the letters and numbers on her T-shirts and words as long as she will sit still. It is wonderful to watch them together."    -- Patty Garcia, Denver, Colorado.

"We rushed out the door every morning. I’d pick Ben up in the evening and we’d rush home for dinner. The ABC’s rarely came up on the priority list. Then my mother bought us all three Kids Learning Boutique T-shirts. Teaching my son his ABC’s and numbers became automatic: in the morning getting dressed, in the car going everywhere, and in the evening at the dinner table. Learning suddenly became as easy as breathing."    -- Melissa Paxton, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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