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Welcome to Kids Learning Boutique™

Teach Me T's™ - Providing stimulation and learning all day long.

Toddlers love to learn and Teach Me T's™ are a perfect way to help. Their early fascination with books and stories begins with the very basic recognition of the alphabet, numbers and colors. During busy schedules and rushed mornings, toddlers are often limited to audio learning during the most intimate toddler and parent time which is while a child is being dressed in the morning or getting ready for bed. Teach Me T's by Kids Learning Boutique are a fun way to help your child learn the basic skills and boost the learning self confidence needed to prepare for pre-school and kindergarden.

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As seen on Channel 9 -- NBC-Affiliate -- with Gregg Moss
Gregg Moss' Gadget segment featured three IRT inventors. To view the video of this telecast, click on the picture below.

Teach Me T's by Kids Learning Boutique™ is a new patent-pending clothing design that focuses on this most intimate time and the toddlers' desire to learn. The alphabet, both upper and lower case, and the decimal numbers, i.e., 1 through 10, and the colors are printed upside down on cotton T-shirts. While your child is trying to learn the alphabet, he/she can have the letters, numbers, and colors too at his/her fingertips all day.

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